24.Aug.2022 new Remix

ebertbrothers remixed the Track "Sooner or Later" from their Friend Mezolozyde. Available on Bandcamp. Orginal Version here.

28.Feb.2021 Mindcast61

Mindcast61 from ebertbrothers available on Mixcloud, Soundcloud, hearthis, Apple Music and as download.

24.Feb.2021 Review of Polymer Boulevard

First Review of the Polymer Boulevard Release by Igloo Magazine. Thank you Pietro da Sacco!

07.Feb.2021 Polymer Boulevard

new Album Polymer Boulevard available as Pre-order. Release Date for Vinyl and Digital is the 12th of March. More coming soon ..

21.June.2018 Earthlings 2 Compilation

new Track Rictalk for the Earthlings 2 Compilation.

01.August.2016 Mindcast.33 // The Ebertbrothers

Mindcast 33 extended Mixtape, stream or download here, enjoy.

28.July.2016 New Track for Touched 3

new Track for the Touched 3 Compilation.

26.June.2015 Remix for Touched Two Compilation

for the Touched Two - the Remixes Compilation ebertbrothers remixed Emptywhale's Smashed Light to a Photovoltaik Mix. All Money of the Sales of this Release go to the Macmillan Cancer Support.

27.April.2015 Mindcast.20 // The Ebertbrothers

20th Edition of the Mindcast Series features, well, ebertbrothers. Mixtape can be streamed or downloaded via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Percussionlab and from the Mindwaves Music Website.

02.February.2015 Ebertbrothers featured at Core FM

Min-Y-Llan featured the Track "Sunset Car Chase" for the "Touched by Music (Core FM) Show 1".

08.April.2014 Review of "Engine Eyes EP" by "Vital Weekly"

Vital Weekly Issue 927 Review, thank you Niels Mark!

02.February.2014 "Extern (Live)" Track on "Vitamin V" Compilation

Ebertbrothers contributed a Track to the "Vitamin V Compilation" released by the Various Vegetables Crew.

28.March.2013 new Track with ME Raabenstein

The Ebertbrothers made a new Track ("Lukewarm Grim") with their Buddy ME Raabenstein for the Compilation "Swimmin with Friends again", released on Nonine Recordings.

25.October.2012 Reviews of "Engine Eyes EP"

"Engine Eyes" got reviewed by Kulturterrorismus (german), Transistora (spanish), IRM (french), Igloomag, Chain D.L.K. and Headphone Commute.

28.July.2012 Performance at BOOM Festival

The Ebertbrothers will perform a two Hour Live Set at the upcoming BOOM Festival. Takes Place the 28th July till 4th August in Portugal.

26.July.2012 "Susten Pass Live 2011" Clip screening at FILE Festival

The "Susten Pass Live 2011" Clip will be screened at FILE Festival 2012, as Part of FILE Hypersonica, at Art Gallery of SESI at FIESP – Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, until 19th August.

22.Juni.2012 new EP "Engine Eyes" out on Mindwaves Music

The Ebertbrothers are happy to announce the Release of their new EP "Engine Eyes", coming with 4 new Tracks by themselves and Remixes by fellow electronic Artists Lackluster, Badun and Karsten Pflum. Each of them picked and worked a Track from the previous Album "Susten Pass". EPK available here, Track Preview on Soundcloud. First Review available on Kulturterrorismus.

13.June.2012 Sound Piece for Alex & John Gailla at Scope Basel

The Ebertbrothers composed a Piece for the Installation entitled "To our glorious Leaders" by Alex and John Gailla. This Installation will be shown at the Scope Basel Art Exhibition, represented by Hania Bailly Contemporary.

02.Juni.2012 Performance at Various Vegetables / Naherholung Sternchen

Ebertbrothers perform alongside Karsten Pflum, Th'Idiot, Beton, Ghoultango and the Various Vegetable Crew in the Naherholung Sternchen.

15.February.2012 all Reviews of "Susten Pass"

The Album "Susten Pass" received good Feedback on Kulturterrorismus, Transistora, Raveline Magazin, Headphone Commute, Cyclic Defrost, Vital Weekly, Etherreal and Igloomag.

02.February.2012 Performance at Naherholung Sternchen

The Ebertbrothers play at Experilectronic Journey #2 at the Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin.

21.January.2012 Performance at Butt & Better

The Ebertbrothers will perform at the Butt & Better Event at Neu West Berlin, Chausseestr.36, in, well, Berlin.